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Hand Cleaner – WORX

Our WORX hand-cleaner  range is a cost-effective and powerful industrial strength hand cleaner that is user and environmentally safer.

Easy to use, it removes stubborn stains, dirt, grease and grime from the dirtiest hands, and removes odors too, making it ideal for those smelly worksites – fishing, piggeries, cowsheds etc.  It is safe enough to use on any part of the body – you could even shower with it.  It conditions the skin while the biodegradable cleaning agents are at work, and completely eliminates the rashes and skin irritations associated with solvent based cleaners. It is also free from any trace of sand, pumice, peanuts or legume shells thus eliminating the risk of possible anaphylactic reactions in those with allergies.

It is the first hand cleaner to be certified in Canada by the Canadian Environmental Agency Terra Choice (EcoLogo), and by Green Seal in the USA.

There are three sizes of dispensers available that match up with the various size packs, and it also comes in a handy 1oz pack which is ideal to carry in your bag or car glove-box.

WORX Handcleaner Product List

WORX use sheet

WORX – Canadian public health agency advice

WORX Material Data Safety Sheet

WORX product information

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