North Shore Tooling Supplies Ltd

Drilling Machines and Parts

Our smallest machine, capacity 12-32mm depth 35mm, machine height 250mm and weight 10.2kg.

Medium size machine, our most popular model.  Capacity 12-35mm, depth 50mm, weight 13.5kg.

This machine is larger and has capacity 12-50mm, depth 50mm, accommodates taper-shank drills to 23mm, weight 22kg.

This machine for the bigger jobs, capacity 12-75mm, cutter depth 75mm, accommodates drills up to 31.5mm diameter.  Can be used for threading, capacity M30. Weight 22kg.

This machine is for the heavy-duty jobs, capacity 12-130mm, depth 75mm, drill capacity 38mm.  threading capacity M42.  Weight 32kg.

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